What Is Your Why? (Dying a Slow Death)

Every day when you wake up, why do you do it?

Every day when you breathe you die a slow death.

They say “Don’t drink, don’t smoke it’s bad for your health.”

But when the stress and pressure drain your life force, can you feel it?


You jump out of bed before you are fully rested, not enough sleep.

You work hard hoping that you will be noticed and move up the ladder.

Someone else’s ladder built for their own wealth and to be rich.

Caught in a hamster wheel secretly wishing you were an undelivered letter from God so you can be sent back to sender.


Cleaning your revolver at home, bullets on the table.

You hear the “click” of the hammer dropping as you pull the trigger.

The chamber is empty, now you wonder if you are truly mentally stable.

You drift off to sleep as thoughts of a better tomorrow continue to linger.


But, you see, God is great and works in His own time.

He has decided that your time has come and now you can move mountains.

He says to you “Rise up my child, claim your royal birth right and drink from the success fountains.

I have given you all the tools to conquer this sick world, it is all in your mind.”


So you wake up the next day like a starving lion ready to devour the opposition.

Like a train with no brakes you are unstoppable, getting up after every knockdown.

The world tries to keep you down 99 times, but you get up and rise one hundred.

When things get better it is so unbelievable. You wonder what is real and what‘s fiction.


So, when you know the “WHY”, you will pave the path.

You will be resurrected daily like the sun that brightens the day.

So, do not be troubled if you do not know the History of Math

The most important thing is what you get and give when you pray.


I Think…

I think I am guilty…

I think I am guilty of investing too much.

Guilty of giving the best of me,

Guilty of why we are now so out of touch.

I think I am guilty,

I think I am guilty of letting the fires burn,

Incinerating all hopes of us and what was our beauty.

Ashes to ashes, our bond living within an urn.

I think, in the most ideal reality of life,

Mistakes made and words not said would be forgiven,

Acknowledging that we are imperfect and often blind,

Blind to the gifts of life, so we let it affect our feeling.

I am guilty of breaking such a precious connection.

I let the realities of life warp what was built

Now I am watching the credits as this movie comes to an ending,

But we control life, so let us put the pieces together and rebuild it.


It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
What was once cherished yesterday, tomorrow does not feel the same
You used to gaze into the windows of my soul and get lost for days
Mystery, curiosity & excitement like an actor for the first time stepping on stage
You would glance at me and I at you it would feel like eternity
Like father time himself came down and paused this moment just for you and me
For us to realize that we are a match made in both heaven and hell
Our battle scared hearts aching and yarning with so many stories to tell
Stories of how ‘He’ used you and how ‘She’ betrayed, then proceeded to break me
Used shattered pieces on the floor of what was once pure, beautiful & pristine
It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
Now when I look into your eyes it all feels so strange.


Strange…. like our connection never happened and we did not click
Do my senses deceive me; symptoms of a mind that is now love sick?
Things have changed…. But were they ever what they seemed to be?
I guess, like they say, “If it is too good to be true then it just might be”
I thought we were one, I was you and you were I, soul mates reunited
But as I sit here bleeding this pen dry, I wish we had never started
Started this love thing intertwining our lives and souls, I curse you Cupid
I let my guard down, I let you in too far, Lord, how could I have been so stupid?
I heard someone say, “When you care so much for someone, you tend to lose it.”
My thoughts of it used to differ; I thought that is when you actually really find it
Well I found it, more hurt, heartbreak and pain
It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
I still check on you from time to time and I see you smiling and laughing
I could say that I am doing the same, but I would probably be lying


But does it matter? So long as you are happy, is that not right?
While you are somewhere out there, I lay here in bed thinking of you all night


I’m told there will come a time when the sun shines and it will be a brighter day
I think tomorrow is that day because the time has come for me to walk away


Bid farewell to all the misery and pain
I smile as I can’t help but think…


It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change

Stop The Killing

I have something that I would like to get off my chest. This particular topic has been bugging me for a while now, so here goes….

To the Police (the few corrupt ones)

I understand that your job is stressful and it requires a lot of mental strength to execute effectively and still know that you may one day not return to your family. I sympathise, but to tell the honest truth that badge, uniform, gun and authority that you enjoy is not to be abused.

The community that you have vowed to protect and serve deserves exactly that, protection and service. You take that oath knowing that there are people out there that see you as a guardian, a friend and a hero. You are a role model to many and those many people want to do what you do because there is supposed to be honour that comes with that badge, you are the face of courage, you are the last line of defence.

So let me say this … We are NOT your cash cows, we are NOT your punching bags and we are NOT here for your target practice. We are in fact each other’s responsibility and if we respect one another then we can protect one another. Too many good men and women die in the line of duty, but all we here from some people is “F*ck the police!!”, “He/ She was probably corrupt, why were they there all alone?”

When it is time for the community to help with bringing the criminals responsible to justice, the community often does nothing because YOU have tainted that badge, YOU have dishonoured your oath and in fact your hands are dripping with the blood of the innocent and the tears of the orphaned.


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Tatane Andries Shot at close range by police Ficksburg collapses and dies Pic WillemvanderBergVolksblad_thumb[2]
SOURCE: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2011/04/two-saps-bullets-killed-andries-tatane.html
To the Community

As we all know, there is a fair amount of disdain towards the police service as a whole, I have seen this with my own two eyes. Police get rocks thrown at them, they get shot at and they get killed, these people are not superhuman. They get mistreated at work, they work long hours and are often underpaid so the frustration builds up, I am sure you can relate.

It is not fair that we treat them all the same and I know that it’s difficult to distinguish between the truly committed ones and the corrupt ones, but we have to try. Imagine if it was your father, mother, brother or sister that put their lives on the line daily…. How would you look at law enforcement then?

In South Africa the rate of cop killings is extremely high (recently 5 cops have injured or killed in just 11 days) and I refuse to believe that nobody knows anything about who the killers are and where they can be found. So this means that there is no justice for these brave souls and no rest for their families. We need to get out of the culture of not coming forward with vital information, but also our safety must be guaranteed.

Let’s stop protecting killer scum and then complain that South Africa is going to the dogs. How long will we turn the blind eye before these criminals show up at our door steps wanting what we have worked for so hard? There is no honour amongst thieves.

We are brothers & sisters, so let us look after one another.

SOURCE: http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2015/03/30/four-policemen-shot-in-n3-hijacking1
SOURCE: https://southafricanews.wordpress.com/tag/saps/


To the Government

To you I say, enough is enough!! Our fathers and mothers CANNOT continue to be slaughtered like this. Slaughtered like animals in an abattoir with nowhere to go. You need to identify this criminal element and crush it at its source… South Africa will NOT become a battleground, this beautiful country will NOT be a warzone and we will NOT be held prisoner in our own homes!! Exterminate this problem and kill the seed before it grows to the point of no return. If not for us, then for our kids and grandchildren.

Do it for Andries Tatane.

Do it for Mido Macia.

To the Criminals

You will not win!!

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

Haile Selassie

Clouds and darkness surround us, yet Heaven is just, and the day of triumph will surely come, when justice and truth will be vindicated.

Mary Todd Lincoln

Inspired by the #MakeItStop campaign

Truth be told, in my opinion, campaigns to stop women abuse should not exist… AT ALL. There should have never been a reason for them to exist. Unfortunately we (men) have let our women down.

How, as human beings, have we gotten to the point where we have to start mass movements, campaigns and protests to stop what should have never started in the first place? The continued verbal, emotional and physical abuse of women is something that should have never taken place.

As a man, it is in your nature to conquer and destroy, attack the competition and always be the best! But to conquer is not to conquer her mind, but her obstacles. To destroy, is not to destroy her body but destroy her fears. To attack is not to attack her, but to attack all those things that would put her safety in danger. To be the best, is not to be better than her, but be her equal and create an environment where YOU are the best partner for her.

Before you strike her, think about the fact that she is someone’s daughter, she is someone’s mother, and she is someone’s role model. How would you, as a man, feel if someone put hands on your daughter, mother, sister, significant other?

Cherish one of the most precious gifts that men have been given and protect her to the ends of the earth.

These are just MY opinions.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Show Them You’re a Different Kind Of Animal


Whilst walking the road of life we will often find ourselves facing MANY different challenges ranging from family issues to personal inner conflicts, but perhaps the most frustrating of them all is conflict within us that is inflicted by society and external pressures… From trying to outdo the top achiever at work to trying to prove that you’re deserving of your position in life generally. Out of all of this one thing will always stay relevant and true and that’s the fact that you must always stand… This can be achieved simply by being yourself because no one does you better than YOU!!!  So when they try to frustrate you and keep you down, rise up all the time and SHOW THEM YOU’RE A DIFFERENT KIND OF ANIMAL!!!!!

[Goldberg background courtesy of http://wrestlingmaania.blogspot.com/2010/09/goldbergs-bio.html?m=1%5D

A Year and A Day

A year and a day have passed, I still think of you.
A year and a day have passed, I’m reminded of what we went through.
A year and a day have passed, I vividly remember what it’s like to be with you.
A year and a day have passed, I miss time spent……. just us two.

A year and a day have passed, but honestly it has been much longer
I think I now know what they mean by “time makes the heart grow fonder”
Hours and days, months and years have passed since I saw you last,
But nothing can truly discourage the heart from what it really wants.

You think you’re moving forward, but you’re actually going back,
Back to where you absolutely want to be but can never ever stay,
Back to where you thought you had it figured out, it was part of the plan..
Back to where you always smiled and lived through happier days.

A year and a day has passed, I thought it was said and done…
It may hurt now but tomorrow surely the sun will rise,
Rise to a better day and a brighter future for a year or two…
Stronger each year even though I’m plagued by thoughts of you.

Be Careful

Be careful and weary my friend, for treasures are often discovered at the very end.

Be careful and weary to not push away that one and only true friend.

You see, life and past experience dictates that you put up high walls and defences to protect yourself

Amidst all of that you end up alienating those that always were there and truly had your back

I know you may not see it or realise it now but as the pen is mightier than the sword, words always cut the deepest

So you may one day look back and see that you actually lost something special because you couldn’t get out of your own way and end up wallowing in self pity and regret

So, be careful and weary my friend and do not squander and take your gifts from God for granted

Guard that heart that was meant for you and consider if your words and actions towards them will be heartfelt.

Let yourself be supported and loved.


The Game

The Game, funny how life works
Got love for the Game and all its perks
The Game, lethal in its nature but splendidly beautiful
Character building and probably life saving too.

Depending on how you play the game you’ll win
But be careful as the game was built to sell you dreams
The Game, like it or not, it has to be played
You’re happy she left but wished she had stayed

Play the Game but you have to be strong to survive
Sometimes in the Game you get a knock and you take a dive
But character is not judged by how you were when on top
But how you pick yourself up when you take that knock

The Game, where not all is as it seems
Promising luxuries of rich cheese and cream
But the game will hurt and break you through and through
Try to involve your friends but the only person that can help you is: YOU