Love is crazy man, it will have you acting all crazy;

It will subdue your mind and make your logic lethargic and lazy.

You will be thinking thoughts never thought before

You will be rushing to buy milk at 11pm from the corner store.


But that is love I guess, your partner matters more than matter

Rewiring rule number one of human beings, self-preservation

Don’t believe me? Try watching the one you love gasp for air as they drown

I guarantee that just to give them one more breath you’d face an army and burn a country down.


Love will have you seeing colours that you never knew existed, on some “This is that indigo”

Love will have you lost in time and staring at thin air aimlessly through the bus window

Love is also cruel, all of those seconds away from each other that feel like they last forever

Yet again, love is beautiful as it makes you cherish each moment and breath you take.


Love is strong, it will walk into a hurricane and when the dust settles love will remain unshaken

Love is also dumb, it will stand in front of lava after a volcanic eruption and say “I will not move”

Such is the nature of love and how amazing love is at all times and in all situations

But thank goodness for love for where would we be without that which makes us who we are.


What Is Going On?

In the wake of the sexual assault allegations, both locally and internationally, I forced myself to sit back and think of the realities that women face on a day to day basis. I had to force myself to accept that the biggest danger that women face in today’s society is men.

Now, before I continue, let us get something clear; this post is not intended to accuse anyone of anything nor is it intended to establish, assume or suggest anyone’s guilt or innocence. Now that we have got that out of the way, let us continue.

Two weeks ago, I logged into Twitter for my daily dose of news, jokes, gossip and trends. I came across a hashtag and the comment that came with that tag was rather unsettling. I cannot recall at this moment what it was, but it made a big enough impact that I decided to try and follow the thread. What I found was rather shocking, sad and left me bewildered. Then I got to thinking, what is it that makes us as men feel entitled to a woman’s body? Why do we feel that it is okay to do as we please when it comes to women?

I recently had a chat with one of my close male friends and he had this to say:

“What do we, as guys, gain from sharing naked pictures of girls? What is the motive? Majority of us men see women as objects and we act blind to that fact. The worst part is that we do not correct one another. We sit and we laugh about it. Now imagine you as a father knowing that your daughter’s pictures are being posted in some WhatsApp group.”

“The sad reality is that females do not do the same. I am yet to see females who have groups of naked guys, talking about chowing the guys. Posting guys small d*cks etc.”

“I would rather we stand against such behaviour and we start building each other.”

I have to say, I agree with him 100%. We, as men, need to start calling each other out and correcting the behaviours of our fellow man. Some behaviours may even seem harmless, but things like guilt tripping someone for not wanting to drink or forcing them to take shots that they do not want to take. Men and women should be able to coexist without the pressure of doing something that either is uncomfortable with in hopes of fitting in or avoiding being “uncool”.

Everyday Killers

You do not have to suffocate the oxygen out of someone’s lungs to kill them.

You just humiliate and beat them down, leave them laying on the floor weeping.

Inconsolable, incoherent, shaking & screaming as if they were an infant

This is the cold reality of this world of sin that we fight every day to stay alive in

We perpetuate improper and animalistic behaviours that could ruin another,

Life not the same as before, cannot sleep looking for a rock to crawl under.

Turn to the elders for advice, but all they say “bekezela mntanam”

You look in their eyes, they sympathise, but they do not know what you put up with

They do not understand that after the savage beating with the coat hanger, he is the one,

The one that wipes the blood out of your eye and justifies his heinous crime.

He is the one that runs you a warm bath and takes care of you, telling you that it will get better.

Because you have nowhere else to go you believe him and it just never gets better.

No one understands, no one knows that you live with a killer, a spiritual assassin

All of this said, this post was supposed to be about strength, unity, healing and a story of a phoenix rising from the ashes. I have witnessed such a rise. Amidst the pain, the suffering, the hurt, the betrayal and the abuse, this woman has risen through it all and decided to use her experiences to try and help others cope. This is her story:


Is South Africa In Trouble?

The other day I watched a video on Facebook, in the video it showed two police officers from the South African Police Services in Hanover Park Cape Town who had responded to what seemed to be a domestic violence incident. The police officers managed to apprehend the accused perpetrator and were on their way to locking him up in the back of the van.

For the benefit of those who have never seen what a typical South African police van looks like, allow me to describe it to you. This thing is a testament of the state of crime in beautiful South Africa; it is basically a single cab van with a reinforced chassis. On that chassis lays tiny cage big enough to fit six or seven seated grown men. The only way in is through a small door that you have to crouch to fit through. This still has a very strong stench of Apartheid where these vehicles were used to round up more than one black person who either did not have their dom pass on them or were just guilty of being black.

Anyway, back to where I started. The incident in Hanover Park then proceeded to take an ugly turn for the good guys, well depending on which side of the fence you are standing. After the alleged perpetrator was apprehended and was about to about be locked up in the van, the community then proceeded to attack the policemen who were attempting to lock him up. In the chaos and madness the “bad guy” managed to get away and the two arresting officers were then abandoned by their colleagues who later returned with some back up to rescue the remaining officers.

Now, the question that I have, the one thing that has been increasingly weighing in on my mind about this whole situation is this, are we as a country sabotaging ourselves by not trusting the system to do the right thing or has the system failed its people so much that our relationship with the law makers and enforcers is such of distrust and hopelessness? Allow me to elaborate.

Are We As A Country Sabotaging Ourselves?

Too often we have heard of cases such as the above mentioned. Sometimes we have heard of communities living in fear of a particular gang member/ criminal that has at some point terrorised so many people that they have somewhat become legends in their communities, but when the police eventually get a hold of said individual then the community is set into a frenzy of outrage questioning why the police would victimise this person so much.

In some instances when we look deeper into this phenomenon we discover that these people are actually adored and treated as role models in the communities that they come from for whatever reason, but in other communities they wreak havoc.

Is this a case of “how long until he turns on us”? Could this be a case of Stockholm syndrome? Or are we just setting ourselves up for failure?

There’s an old saying that goes “You can bring a snake into your house from the outside, feed it until it becomes big, but do not be surprised when it turns on you because a snake will always be a snake.”

Has The System Failed?

In my humble opinion, simply put it is a resounding “YES!!”

How can we ever feel safe in our homes when those tasked to protect us are the ones that are robbing and killing us? How can we be sure of a brighter future when those that are tasked to protect our futures and make it a better country for the generations to come steal and lie to us?

Has the greed and hunger for a quick buck taken us to the verge of moral bankruptcy, emotional detachment or are we just desensitized to all that is happening around us?

As Edmund Burke once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

– Olwam



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Letter To My Princess 👸 


My Princess, I have something I need to tell you. 

It won’t be pretty, I will not sugar coat it, but I MUST protect you. 
My baby, you are going to go through a sick, dangerous and continually degrading world. 

A world that will take pleasure in trying to hurt you and yes it’ll make you mad. 
My girl, it’s as if the guilty ones hate women, they hate your beauty. 

They’ll try to strip away what God made and gifted to you. 
Although there are good men fighting daily against this evil, 

Understand that all you need is within you and you will win 
God has given you everything you need to thrive, you literally create miracles. 

You bring life into this world and it’s such a spectacle. 
Your bones break, your skin tears and you shed tears, 

Bringing beautiful lives into a world ruled by wicked men. 
Woman you are strong. Woman, you are special. Woman, you are heaven sent. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. 


I wrote you a poem, but you’ll never get to read it.
I recorded a song for you, but you’ll never get to hear it.
I took for granted that you would be here tomorrow,
Now I sit here in deep sorrow wishing you had more time to borrow.

When we looked into the future it seemed infinite and so full of possibilities,
I pictured you in every thought of my success and facing life’s realities,
I could have never even imagined doing this without you,
I could have never imagined living life without truth.

This for everyone that has ever lost someone.

Rest In Eternal Happiness!!


At A Loss

The mind and the heart, where most wars begin

Slow silent deaths caused by brutal pains unseen

Faint pulse and gasping for air, oxygen escaping your lungs

Imagining how your last days were, can I stand it when the day comes?

The day where we bid you farewell and you go for your last ride

The day when we realise that it is true and we weep out loud

When we lower the casket, bow our heads and pray for your safe passage

People sending condolences and well wished like repairing a gunshot wound with a band aid


I miss you and you’ve only been gone for a day

A busy life kept me from calling when I missed you while I was away

Now, my chance for visits and phone calls is no more

My heart is heavy and my chest feels so sore


May you be welcomed home with open arms and warmer smiles

Forever in our hearts as we always think of you when we look towards the sky


  • Magona

Where You Left Me….

Where you left me is where you will find me, like a boulder at sea…
Though the winds try to sway me and the waves crash against me…
I remain steady and firm waiting for you to come back to me.
As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, where you left me is where you will find me.

If I had to choose between my earthly possessions and you, I’d be broke forever…
I would be sheltered from the rains of sorrow, I would drink from an overflowing cup of happiness and joy…
I would feast for eternity from the fruits of unconditional love…
Then, surely, looking at all of this I am far wealthier than I ever was.

Where you left me is where you will find me, now and forever more…
When this world gets too cold and bitter, I’ll have your back and whisper sweet nothings into your ear…

The Mark of A Champion, Birth of A King!

What makes you a winner?

What makes you a champion?

Do we look at what you have?

Do we look at your friends and companions?


Do we look at the designer labels?

Do we look at the German vehicles?

Do we compare the digits in the bank?

Do we count the number of trips overseas?


How about your history, look at the past…

How did you get here? What have you been through?

Have you ever lost it all, not even a bite to eat?

Have you ever fought back tears as your heart continues to bleed?


When I have nothing, will you accept me or look at me with disgust?

Will you still respect me or will the money change you?

Are you willing to win at all cost no matter who you hurt?

How you treat people around you is what matters most.


Difference between us? I would sacrifice the very clothes on my back

As a winner, thinking of number 1, instead of helping you take a step back

You are a winner, a conqueror, a slayer of men

I am a king, a servant, a natural leader of men


What is mine is theirs, I love them dearly

Their time belongs to you, you do not even appreciate it

So, be careful at the top because that is where you will hang from

Success is not a faithful girlfriend once you make it


So be a King, a champion of the people

Treat people right, study the game so that you can master it

Be a King, a leader

Be a winner, a champion of the people.

What Is Your Why? (Dying a Slow Death)

Every day when you wake up, why do you do it?

Every day when you breathe you die a slow death.

They say “Don’t drink, don’t smoke it’s bad for your health.”

But when the stress and pressure drain your life force, can you feel it?


You jump out of bed before you are fully rested, not enough sleep.

You work hard hoping that you will be noticed and move up the ladder.

Someone else’s ladder built for their own wealth and to be rich.

Caught in a hamster wheel secretly wishing you were an undelivered letter from God so you can be sent back to sender.


Cleaning your revolver at home, bullets on the table.

You hear the “click” of the hammer dropping as you pull the trigger.

The chamber is empty, now you wonder if you are truly mentally stable.

You drift off to sleep as thoughts of a better tomorrow continue to linger.


But, you see, God is great and works in His own time.

He has decided that your time has come and now you can move mountains.

He says to you “Rise up my child, claim your royal birth right and drink from the success fountains.

I have given you all the tools to conquer this sick world, it is all in your mind.”


So you wake up the next day like a starving lion ready to devour the opposition.

Like a train with no brakes you are unstoppable, getting up after every knockdown.

The world tries to keep you down 99 times, but you get up and rise one hundred.

When things get better it is so unbelievable. You wonder what is real and what‘s fiction.


So, when you know the “WHY”, you will pave the path.

You will be resurrected daily like the sun that brightens the day.

So, do not be troubled if you do not know the History of Math

The most important thing is what you get and give when you pray.