Inspired by the #MakeItStop campaign

Truth be told, in my opinion, campaigns to stop women abuse should not exist… AT ALL. There should have never been a reason for them to exist. Unfortunately we (men) have let our women down.

How, as human beings, have we gotten to the point where we have to start mass movements, campaigns and protests to stop what should have never started in the first place? The continued verbal, emotional and physical abuse of women is something that should have never taken place.

As a man, it is in your nature to conquer and destroy, attack the competition and always be the best! But to conquer is not to conquer her mind, but her obstacles. To destroy, is not to destroy her body but destroy her fears. To attack is not to attack her, but to attack all those things that would put her safety in danger. To be the best, is not to be better than her, but be her equal and create an environment where YOU are the best partner for her.

Before you strike her, think about the fact that she is someone’s daughter, she is someone’s mother, and she is someone’s role model. How would you, as a man, feel if someone put hands on your daughter, mother, sister, significant other?

Cherish one of the most precious gifts that men have been given and protect her to the ends of the earth.

These are just MY opinions.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


Be Careful

Be careful and weary my friend, for treasures are often discovered at the very end.

Be careful and weary to not push away that one and only true friend.

You see, life and past experience dictates that you put up high walls and defences to protect yourself

Amidst all of that you end up alienating those that always were there and truly had your back

I know you may not see it or realise it now but as the pen is mightier than the sword, words always cut the deepest

So you may one day look back and see that you actually lost something special because you couldn’t get out of your own way and end up wallowing in self pity and regret

So, be careful and weary my friend and do not squander and take your gifts from God for granted

Guard that heart that was meant for you and consider if your words and actions towards them will be heartfelt.

Let yourself be supported and loved.


The Game

The Game, funny how life works
Got love for the Game and all its perks
The Game, lethal in its nature but splendidly beautiful
Character building and probably life saving too.

Depending on how you play the game you’ll win
But be careful as the game was built to sell you dreams
The Game, like it or not, it has to be played
You’re happy she left but wished she had stayed

Play the Game but you have to be strong to survive
Sometimes in the Game you get a knock and you take a dive
But character is not judged by how you were when on top
But how you pick yourself up when you take that knock

The Game, where not all is as it seems
Promising luxuries of rich cheese and cream
But the game will hurt and break you through and through
Try to involve your friends but the only person that can help you is: YOU



We play games, crazy attempts to outdo each other
End of the day we cuddle and say we love each other

See, in you I see wife, mother, grandmother, my life partner
Yet you utter harmful words that penetrate my protective cover

For you I roll with the punches and take it as it comes
In 5 years I look back to 5 years and say “yo, I once loved”

See, I put it all on the line to see you laugh and smile
When it was all said and done it was your mission to see me cry

But yes I continue to believe in you and hope you will strive
You’re so brilliant from the inside out you always shine so bright

Enough with visions of 5 years I choose to live in right now
No more crazy games, no matter what it brings with you I’ll walk this line!

Olwam Magona

3 Words

Promises made only to be broken
Loving hearts torn apart by words never spoken
They once meant nothing but now they are the world,
You would rather die and suffer than see them hurt,
We kept them to ourselves now they could be eternally lost,
The saddest part is that we never spoke what mattered most,
Plunged into oblivion lost in constant darkness
To the naked eye you would think we were heartless,
But this is how we do lack of emotions and thoughts,
Busy contemplating how our next battle will be fought,
We often say “I hate you” but never look at the opposite,
We live it everyday then we end up becoming it!

Growing up, who knew that three words could mean so much?
Growing up, who knew that 3 words could one day break hearts?
Who knew that even as adults we would still need to grow so?
Who knew that even in old age we would regret it so?

So I choose to say that I love you so!
I choose to embrace love and abandon war
I choose to let love shine the light for my life
I choose! Simple as that!

Olwam Magona