Letter To My Princess 👸 


My Princess, I have something I need to tell you. 

It won’t be pretty, I will not sugar coat it, but I MUST protect you. 
My baby, you are going to go through a sick, dangerous and continually degrading world. 

A world that will take pleasure in trying to hurt you and yes it’ll make you mad. 
My girl, it’s as if the guilty ones hate women, they hate your beauty. 

They’ll try to strip away what God made and gifted to you. 
Although there are good men fighting daily against this evil, 

Understand that all you need is within you and you will win 
God has given you everything you need to thrive, you literally create miracles. 

You bring life into this world and it’s such a spectacle. 
Your bones break, your skin tears and you shed tears, 

Bringing beautiful lives into a world ruled by wicked men. 
Woman you are strong. Woman, you are special. Woman, you are heaven sent. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. 

#OlwamTop4 : Best WWE Returns

4. Goldberg – 2003

What made the return of the man who went 173 matches undefeated in WCW and marking his WWE debut so special was the fact that no one knew what to expect and most importantly, he had remained a cornerstone in many wrestling fans hearts.

No doubt that fans kept wishing that he would make a hasty return to the ring and treat us to more body slams, standing in the pyro and blowing smoke out of his mouth like a fire-breathing dragon ready to conquer any opponent that stood between him and the world title:

3. Kane – 2002

This return was epic, pure and simple!!

Kane had been out of action for a few months having been brutally injured at the hands of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and X-Pac (the NWO) and a 2×4. We were then treated to a storyline involving Test, Lance Storm and Christian. Every member of this trio was from Canada and referred to themselves as the “Un-Americans”.

The “Un-Americans” ran rampant and they continuously imposed their will on fellow wrestlers and further pushed their anti-American rhetoric. The final straw was when they were going to burn the American flag in the middle of the ring, Booker T and Gold Dust did their best to stop this, but to no avail.

Enter the “Big Red Machine”:

P.S. What made this comeback all the more epic was Jim Ross’ one of a kind style of commentary “SEND HIM TO HELL!!!! SEND HIM TO HELL!!!”

2. Brock Lesnar – 2012

After having been defeated by “The Rock”, John Cena came out and had a whole speech about how he respected “The Rock” and he just wanted to celebrate the “Rock”. What he found instead was a beast. Hungry, well rested and eager to conquer.

No doubt Brock Lesnar was one of the guys that the crowd loved to hate, but they appreciated his contribution to the WWE. When his unmistakable theme music hit, with that beginning part that sounds like a robotic T-Rex announcing that it was ready to feed, the arena roof nearly got blown off by the loud roar of the capicty crowd in attendance cheering one of the most hated men in wrestling.

This is undoubtedly one of the most epic of returns and the crowd chanting “Holy Sh*t” as the beast prowled to the ring and stalked his prey is the only proof that we need.

  1. Triple H – 2002

After tearing his quadricep muscle, Triple was back! During his absence WWE ran many promos and videos preparing us for the return of “The Game”. Triple H returned to a raucus Madison Square Garden crowd showing their love for a personality that was greatly missed during his time on the shelf.

Triple H returned to make an enormous announcement that he was entering the 2002 Royal Rumble, but the most notable thing about this return in particular was his physique. He had returned almost double the size he was when he got injured and nothing proved this better than when he had Kurt Angle poised for his signature move the “Pedigree” as Kurt’s head completely disappeared between Triple H’s thighs.

When I watched this episode of RAW, I wished I was there to witness it live. A return that will go down in the history books.

All videos and images are property of the WWE and I do not own any of the videos posted. Videos acquired courtesy of YouTube.

Credit is also due to the creative team that helped put this list together:

Safwaan Sibda – Twitter: @SafwaanSibda

Rameez Savahl – Twitter: @Ramz_Jillybean


I wrote you a poem, but you’ll never get to read it.
I recorded a song for you, but you’ll never get to hear it.
I took for granted that you would be here tomorrow,
Now I sit here in deep sorrow wishing you had more time to borrow.

When we looked into the future it seemed infinite and so full of possibilities,
I pictured you in every thought of my success and facing life’s realities,
I could have never even imagined doing this without you,
I could have never imagined living life without truth.

This for everyone that has ever lost someone.

Rest In Eternal Happiness!!


At A Loss

The mind and the heart, where most wars begin

Slow silent deaths caused by brutal pains unseen

Faint pulse and gasping for air, oxygen escaping your lungs

Imagining how your last days were, can I stand it when the day comes?

The day where we bid you farewell and you go for your last ride

The day when we realise that it is true and we weep out loud

When we lower the casket, bow our heads and pray for your safe passage

People sending condolences and well wished like repairing a gunshot wound with a band aid


I miss you and you’ve only been gone for a day

A busy life kept me from calling when I missed you while I was away

Now, my chance for visits and phone calls is no more

My heart is heavy and my chest feels so sore


May you be welcomed home with open arms and warmer smiles

Forever in our hearts as we always think of you when we look towards the sky


  • Magona

Where You Left Me….

Where you left me is where you will find me, like a boulder at sea…
Though the winds try to sway me and the waves crash against me…
I remain steady and firm waiting for you to come back to me.
As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, where you left me is where you will find me.

If I had to choose between my earthly possessions and you, I’d be broke forever…
I would be sheltered from the rains of sorrow, I would drink from an overflowing cup of happiness and joy…
I would feast for eternity from the fruits of unconditional love…
Then, surely, looking at all of this I am far wealthier than I ever was.

Where you left me is where you will find me, now and forever more…
When this world gets too cold and bitter, I’ll have your back and whisper sweet nothings into your ear…

The Mark of A Champion, Birth of A King!

What makes you a winner?

What makes you a champion?

Do we look at what you have?

Do we look at your friends and companions?


Do we look at the designer labels?

Do we look at the German vehicles?

Do we compare the digits in the bank?

Do we count the number of trips overseas?


How about your history, look at the past…

How did you get here? What have you been through?

Have you ever lost it all, not even a bite to eat?

Have you ever fought back tears as your heart continues to bleed?


When I have nothing, will you accept me or look at me with disgust?

Will you still respect me or will the money change you?

Are you willing to win at all cost no matter who you hurt?

How you treat people around you is what matters most.


Difference between us? I would sacrifice the very clothes on my back

As a winner, thinking of number 1, instead of helping you take a step back

You are a winner, a conqueror, a slayer of men

I am a king, a servant, a natural leader of men


What is mine is theirs, I love them dearly

Their time belongs to you, you do not even appreciate it

So, be careful at the top because that is where you will hang from

Success is not a faithful girlfriend once you make it


So be a King, a champion of the people

Treat people right, study the game so that you can master it

Be a King, a leader

Be a winner, a champion of the people.

What Is Your Why? (Dying a Slow Death)

Every day when you wake up, why do you do it?

Every day when you breathe you die a slow death.

They say “Don’t drink, don’t smoke it’s bad for your health.”

But when the stress and pressure drain your life force, can you feel it?


You jump out of bed before you are fully rested, not enough sleep.

You work hard hoping that you will be noticed and move up the ladder.

Someone else’s ladder built for their own wealth and to be rich.

Caught in a hamster wheel secretly wishing you were an undelivered letter from God so you can be sent back to sender.


Cleaning your revolver at home, bullets on the table.

You hear the “click” of the hammer dropping as you pull the trigger.

The chamber is empty, now you wonder if you are truly mentally stable.

You drift off to sleep as thoughts of a better tomorrow continue to linger.


But, you see, God is great and works in His own time.

He has decided that your time has come and now you can move mountains.

He says to you “Rise up my child, claim your royal birth right and drink from the success fountains.

I have given you all the tools to conquer this sick world, it is all in your mind.”


So you wake up the next day like a starving lion ready to devour the opposition.

Like a train with no brakes you are unstoppable, getting up after every knockdown.

The world tries to keep you down 99 times, but you get up and rise one hundred.

When things get better it is so unbelievable. You wonder what is real and what‘s fiction.


So, when you know the “WHY”, you will pave the path.

You will be resurrected daily like the sun that brightens the day.

So, do not be troubled if you do not know the History of Math

The most important thing is what you get and give when you pray.

I Think…

I think I am guilty…

I think I am guilty of investing too much.

Guilty of giving the best of me,

Guilty of why we are now so out of touch.

I think I am guilty,

I think I am guilty of letting the fires burn,

Incinerating all hopes of us and what was our beauty.

Ashes to ashes, our bond living within an urn.

I think, in the most ideal reality of life,

Mistakes made and words not said would be forgiven,

Acknowledging that we are imperfect and often blind,

Blind to the gifts of life, so we let it affect our feeling.

I am guilty of breaking such a precious connection.

I let the realities of life warp what was built

Now I am watching the credits as this movie comes to an ending,

But we control life, so let us put the pieces together and rebuild it.


It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
What was once cherished yesterday, tomorrow does not feel the same
You used to gaze into the windows of my soul and get lost for days
Mystery, curiosity & excitement like an actor for the first time stepping on stage
You would glance at me and I at you it would feel like eternity
Like father time himself came down and paused this moment just for you and me
For us to realize that we are a match made in both heaven and hell
Our battle scared hearts aching and yarning with so many stories to tell
Stories of how ‘He’ used you and how ‘She’ betrayed, then proceeded to break me
Used shattered pieces on the floor of what was once pure, beautiful & pristine
It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
Now when I look into your eyes it all feels so strange.


Strange…. like our connection never happened and we did not click
Do my senses deceive me; symptoms of a mind that is now love sick?
Things have changed…. But were they ever what they seemed to be?
I guess, like they say, “If it is too good to be true then it just might be”
I thought we were one, I was you and you were I, soul mates reunited
But as I sit here bleeding this pen dry, I wish we had never started
Started this love thing intertwining our lives and souls, I curse you Cupid
I let my guard down, I let you in too far, Lord, how could I have been so stupid?
I heard someone say, “When you care so much for someone, you tend to lose it.”
My thoughts of it used to differ; I thought that is when you actually really find it
Well I found it, more hurt, heartbreak and pain
It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
I still check on you from time to time and I see you smiling and laughing
I could say that I am doing the same, but I would probably be lying


But does it matter? So long as you are happy, is that not right?
While you are somewhere out there, I lay here in bed thinking of you all night


I’m told there will come a time when the sun shines and it will be a brighter day
I think tomorrow is that day because the time has come for me to walk away


Bid farewell to all the misery and pain
I smile as I can’t help but think…


It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change