Is South Africa In Trouble?

The other day I watched a video on Facebook, in the video it showed two police officers from the South African Police Services in Hanover Park Cape Town who had responded to what seemed to be a domestic violence incident. The police officers managed to apprehend the accused perpetrator and were on their way to locking him up in the back of the van.

For the benefit of those who have never seen what a typical South African police van looks like, allow me to describe it to you. This thing is a testament of the state of crime in beautiful South Africa; it is basically a single cab van with a reinforced chassis. On that chassis lays tiny cage big enough to fit six or seven seated grown men. The only way in is through a small door that you have to crouch to fit through. This still has a very strong stench of Apartheid where these vehicles were used to round up more than one black person who either did not have their dom pass on them or were just guilty of being black.

Anyway, back to where I started. The incident in Hanover Park then proceeded to take an ugly turn for the good guys, well depending on which side of the fence you are standing. After the alleged perpetrator was apprehended and was about to about be locked up in the van, the community then proceeded to attack the policemen who were attempting to lock him up. In the chaos and madness the “bad guy” managed to get away and the two arresting officers were then abandoned by their colleagues who later returned with some back up to rescue the remaining officers.

Now, the question that I have, the one thing that has been increasingly weighing in on my mind about this whole situation is this, are we as a country sabotaging ourselves by not trusting the system to do the right thing or has the system failed its people so much that our relationship with the law makers and enforcers is such of distrust and hopelessness? Allow me to elaborate.

Are We As A Country Sabotaging Ourselves?

Too often we have heard of cases such as the above mentioned. Sometimes we have heard of communities living in fear of a particular gang member/ criminal that has at some point terrorised so many people that they have somewhat become legends in their communities, but when the police eventually get a hold of said individual then the community is set into a frenzy of outrage questioning why the police would victimise this person so much.

In some instances when we look deeper into this phenomenon we discover that these people are actually adored and treated as role models in the communities that they come from for whatever reason, but in other communities they wreak havoc.

Is this a case of “how long until he turns on us”? Could this be a case of Stockholm syndrome? Or are we just setting ourselves up for failure?

There’s an old saying that goes “You can bring a snake into your house from the outside, feed it until it becomes big, but do not be surprised when it turns on you because a snake will always be a snake.”

Has The System Failed?

In my humble opinion, simply put it is a resounding “YES!!”

How can we ever feel safe in our homes when those tasked to protect us are the ones that are robbing and killing us? How can we be sure of a brighter future when those that are tasked to protect our futures and make it a better country for the generations to come steal and lie to us?

Has the greed and hunger for a quick buck taken us to the verge of moral bankruptcy, emotional detachment or are we just desensitized to all that is happening around us?

As Edmund Burke once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

– Olwam



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