Letter To My Princess 👸 


My Princess, I have something I need to tell you. 

It won’t be pretty, I will not sugar coat it, but I MUST protect you. 
My baby, you are going to go through a sick, dangerous and continually degrading world. 

A world that will take pleasure in trying to hurt you and yes it’ll make you mad. 
My girl, it’s as if the guilty ones hate women, they hate your beauty. 

They’ll try to strip away what God made and gifted to you. 
Although there are good men fighting daily against this evil, 

Understand that all you need is within you and you will win 
God has given you everything you need to thrive, you literally create miracles. 

You bring life into this world and it’s such a spectacle. 
Your bones break, your skin tears and you shed tears, 

Bringing beautiful lives into a world ruled by wicked men. 
Woman you are strong. Woman, you are special. Woman, you are heaven sent. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.