At A Loss

The mind and the heart, where most wars begin

Slow silent deaths caused by brutal pains unseen

Faint pulse and gasping for air, oxygen escaping your lungs

Imagining how your last days were, can I stand it when the day comes?

The day where we bid you farewell and you go for your last ride

The day when we realise that it is true and we weep out loud

When we lower the casket, bow our heads and pray for your safe passage

People sending condolences and well wished like repairing a gunshot wound with a band aid


I miss you and you’ve only been gone for a day

A busy life kept me from calling when I missed you while I was away

Now, my chance for visits and phone calls is no more

My heart is heavy and my chest feels so sore


May you be welcomed home with open arms and warmer smiles

Forever in our hearts as we always think of you when we look towards the sky


  • Magona

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