The Mark of A Champion, Birth of A King!

What makes you a winner?

What makes you a champion?

Do we look at what you have?

Do we look at your friends and companions?


Do we look at the designer labels?

Do we look at the German vehicles?

Do we compare the digits in the bank?

Do we count the number of trips overseas?


How about your history, look at the past…

How did you get here? What have you been through?

Have you ever lost it all, not even a bite to eat?

Have you ever fought back tears as your heart continues to bleed?


When I have nothing, will you accept me or look at me with disgust?

Will you still respect me or will the money change you?

Are you willing to win at all cost no matter who you hurt?

How you treat people around you is what matters most.


Difference between us? I would sacrifice the very clothes on my back

As a winner, thinking of number 1, instead of helping you take a step back

You are a winner, a conqueror, a slayer of men

I am a king, a servant, a natural leader of men


What is mine is theirs, I love them dearly

Their time belongs to you, you do not even appreciate it

So, be careful at the top because that is where you will hang from

Success is not a faithful girlfriend once you make it


So be a King, a champion of the people

Treat people right, study the game so that you can master it

Be a King, a leader

Be a winner, a champion of the people.


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