What Is Your Why? (Dying a Slow Death)

Every day when you wake up, why do you do it?

Every day when you breathe you die a slow death.

They say “Don’t drink, don’t smoke it’s bad for your health.”

But when the stress and pressure drain your life force, can you feel it?


You jump out of bed before you are fully rested, not enough sleep.

You work hard hoping that you will be noticed and move up the ladder.

Someone else’s ladder built for their own wealth and to be rich.

Caught in a hamster wheel secretly wishing you were an undelivered letter from God so you can be sent back to sender.


Cleaning your revolver at home, bullets on the table.

You hear the “click” of the hammer dropping as you pull the trigger.

The chamber is empty, now you wonder if you are truly mentally stable.

You drift off to sleep as thoughts of a better tomorrow continue to linger.


But, you see, God is great and works in His own time.

He has decided that your time has come and now you can move mountains.

He says to you “Rise up my child, claim your royal birth right and drink from the success fountains.

I have given you all the tools to conquer this sick world, it is all in your mind.”


So you wake up the next day like a starving lion ready to devour the opposition.

Like a train with no brakes you are unstoppable, getting up after every knockdown.

The world tries to keep you down 99 times, but you get up and rise one hundred.

When things get better it is so unbelievable. You wonder what is real and what‘s fiction.


So, when you know the “WHY”, you will pave the path.

You will be resurrected daily like the sun that brightens the day.

So, do not be troubled if you do not know the History of Math

The most important thing is what you get and give when you pray.


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