I Think…

I think I am guilty…

I think I am guilty of investing too much.

Guilty of giving the best of me,

Guilty of why we are now so out of touch.

I think I am guilty,

I think I am guilty of letting the fires burn,

Incinerating all hopes of us and what was our beauty.

Ashes to ashes, our bond living within an urn.

I think, in the most ideal reality of life,

Mistakes made and words not said would be forgiven,

Acknowledging that we are imperfect and often blind,

Blind to the gifts of life, so we let it affect our feeling.

I am guilty of breaking such a precious connection.

I let the realities of life warp what was built

Now I am watching the credits as this movie comes to an ending,

But we control life, so let us put the pieces together and rebuild it.



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