It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
What was once cherished yesterday, tomorrow does not feel the same
You used to gaze into the windows of my soul and get lost for days
Mystery, curiosity & excitement like an actor for the first time stepping on stage
You would glance at me and I at you it would feel like eternity
Like father time himself came down and paused this moment just for you and me
For us to realize that we are a match made in both heaven and hell
Our battle scared hearts aching and yarning with so many stories to tell
Stories of how ‘He’ used you and how ‘She’ betrayed, then proceeded to break me
Used shattered pieces on the floor of what was once pure, beautiful & pristine
It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
Now when I look into your eyes it all feels so strange.


Strange…. like our connection never happened and we did not click
Do my senses deceive me; symptoms of a mind that is now love sick?
Things have changed…. But were they ever what they seemed to be?
I guess, like they say, “If it is too good to be true then it just might be”
I thought we were one, I was you and you were I, soul mates reunited
But as I sit here bleeding this pen dry, I wish we had never started
Started this love thing intertwining our lives and souls, I curse you Cupid
I let my guard down, I let you in too far, Lord, how could I have been so stupid?
I heard someone say, “When you care so much for someone, you tend to lose it.”
My thoughts of it used to differ; I thought that is when you actually really find it
Well I found it, more hurt, heartbreak and pain
It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change
I still check on you from time to time and I see you smiling and laughing
I could say that I am doing the same, but I would probably be lying


But does it matter? So long as you are happy, is that not right?
While you are somewhere out there, I lay here in bed thinking of you all night


I’m told there will come a time when the sun shines and it will be a brighter day
I think tomorrow is that day because the time has come for me to walk away


Bid farewell to all the misery and pain
I smile as I can’t help but think…


It’s crazy how, from day to day, things can change

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