March, 21

Do you know what it is all about?
Do you know where it all began?
Do you know how it all went down?
Do you know who & why they took a stand?

Some will merely see it as public holiday
A day to stay home and not go to work
Some see no significance, just another day
No historical meaning, destined to fade into the history books

In my eyes I see bodies scattered on the floor
In my mind I recall stories being told of Sharpville Massacres
The date? 21 March 1960 for those not in the know
69 brave people lay there and those responsible did not care

Segregation by pass-laws causing increasing frustration
Segregation by Apartheid causing racial & cultural divides
Treated like modern day slaves under a racist government institution
Forced to identify yourself wherever you went trying to live your life

Brave men and women stood up for these rights we enjoy now
Like stories we’ve heard about knights of old or modern day superheroes
Brave men and women thought of you when they stood their ground
Yet your vision is unclear today like staring through broken windows

I say to you, do not let that day be forgotten
Do not allow ignorance and privilege to condemn the past
Yes it is history but it is yours, inherited and not borrowed
Forget not where we come from as a country and remember the past.



You come and go, for some on a more regular basis

Like an unwanted visitor I’m glad that you do not stay

You break me down, like an abusive spouse or a bully belittling someone smaller in size or lacking of self esteem

You force me to my knees as if you are to be worshipped or praised, worthy of unearned respect and glory

Words of agony to my God as I plead and pray

Chains of bondage wrapped around me like slaves of old, physically restrained from free movements that I wish to make

Struggling to get free because even when you have disappeared sometimes the marks and scars remain, the trauma remains embedded deep with my mind and soul creating invisible chains of mental bondage

You come and go leaving disaster and wreckage in your path like a truck of destruction with no brakes

Multiple solutions to keep you at bay but my temple pays the price with having to deal with foreign unknown objections penetrating and invading it, chemicals surging through me as I die from every pill that I take

On and on refusing to leave me plaguing me for days on end and we both know that you’re already plotting your next target and your return to me, relief is merely temporary

You come and go, I wish you would hit the road and be gone for good

Life is life and it’s meant to be lived but I guess you’re just part of the package, nothing is perfect

When we finally part ways I can safely say that I have really paid my dues

I choose to be happy in life so I say “Drama and Pain go away and show me some respect”