Thoughts In My Head

When I first saw you in those grey shorts, long beautiful legs
I saw what was not seen by those next to me and indeed many men
I saw legs that would hopefully support me through my darkest times
Through thick and thin, pain and smiles, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine
I longed to call you baby, sweetheart, my love, my one of a kind
Thoughts of forever after running through my mind
And a year went by with no advancement; perhaps my cowardice was to blame
There was once a time when I did not even know your name but it did not change the game
You were there and i here, seeing you every now and then, a smile here and there
But my tongue failed to say the words needed to impress your heart and penetrate your ear

So a year later I write this hoping that you will one day and smile
Think of me being the wind underneath your wings in the crystal blue sky
Asking God what he saw in me to bless me with such a beautiful soul
But I sit here alone with this story not fully told.