21st December 2012


They told me the world was coming to an end but how could this be?

Your Son said at the end of times only you would know and in the clouds we would see

Poppa, if this is to be and it is your will, give me strength to face it head on, give my family strength and knowledge that we will one day reunite, in your Kingdom, by your side.

I was never perfect, only your Son was.
I sinned and did wrong but you carried me through struggle, never turning your back and for that I thank you.


If it is indeed true, be with your children, show them the light and your never dying love.

If it is indeed the end, welcome us into your arms where we belong, open up the gates at home and tell us how long you’ve waited for us to come back.

Forgive us and embrace us at the end, for we only know the truth through you.

Peace & Love

Olwam Magona


Darkest Hour

I once heard a line from a song by Tupac which went something like “Who should I call when I’m shot and bleedin?” And I used to think that Tupac may have been a bit dramatic, but recently I was faced with a similar question, who can I call in my darkest hour?

Undoubtedly a lot of people would automatically think of family and friends, but what happens when you’re family are not even in the same province as you? What happens when those that you thought to be friends do not pick up that call or reply to that text in your time of desperation and need?

In some cases, people would look to a higher power, some powerful entity that controls the universe and has a plan for all of our lives. Because of my beliefs I tend to lean more on that side of things as we all may know, people can be rather unreliable.

So there I was, facing something I had faced before and not yet conquered, something that had it’s grip on me and no matter what my efforts were, I could not rid myself of this suffering that had made itself at home within me!

Tossing and turning, struggling to breathe, unable to keep food down, I looked up at the roof of the vehicle I was in, closed my eyes and said a prayer… I begged and pleaded for relief but it did not come. My friends came one by one to check if I was still holding up and I had to put up a brave front as my suffering continued.

Hours of suffering continued and as time went by since my last plea for help I started to think I was all alone in this, started to wonder if I was gonna wake up in the morning to a normal life. Finally, there it was, out of nowhere the relief I had so desperately wished for washed over me like someone had hosed me down with ice cold water on a summers day in Pretoria.

Who would I call in my darkest hour?
The only one to love me through my sins and wrong doings, as He said He will never forsake me and He has kept his word 10/10 times.

Live by faith and not by sight!

God Is Love.

Olwam Magona