Outside looking in

What happens when those often held close,
Those who know your darkest secrets,
Turn their backs on you and throw you off the boat?
When pledges made, friendship to last forever like the dead just rose!

When you had all to lose and I, nothing to live for.
My hands got dirty, blood and sweat, yet yours clean they remained.
You smiled at enemy while I terrorised and keptt the beef raw
Telling me about “good cop” and “bad cop”, saying “that’s how the game is played”
Yeah, hook, line and sinker your words I believed like gospel
Yeah, thought you had my back but it was exposed all this time
Busy breaking bread with “our” foes while I begged for repentance at the chapel
Guilty of foul feelings, verbal abuse and spiritual suicide, fighting a fight that’s not mine

Best friend to me is what you said
I knew I should have followed my intuition
You stood quietly and watched as I bled
My soul and spirit destroyed beyond recognition

Yeah, I guess it has all come to the boiling point now
Where I see the friendship meant nothing to you
You played it safe all along and eventually sold me out
Last meal, last walk into the abyss, I guess it is all through

A shell of a man is what you are without your word
I suppose that means nothing to you as long as you win
Try as you might but there is no where to hide in this world
Your conscious will catch up with you and you will wallow in your sin