What Is It Worth?

A million……. Can it really be measured?

Can we truly put a price on such a precious treasure?

I mean, surely, not even diamonds and gold can even begin to put value on secrets never told,

secrets of “I hate you now but I will love you eternally”,

secrets of “I cannot provide right now but I would gladly die for you”,

Bound by life’s chains to each other physically, emotionally, mentally.

Caring for you limitless, daily wishing I could shoulder what you went through,

Salty rivers that we have both had to endure, hard knocks forcing the mind’s eye to question, “what is false and what is true?”

When that bell tolls and we find it difficult to even fake a smile

Body and soul aching like you have been kicked up and down.

Handling responsibilities given to a few and a few can handle,

Job well done


So, a million, what is it worth?

Lives lost for far less than that but that is not the worst,

friends knifing you in the back , and you never thought ,

Family is the only constant and they got your back!


So I say to you, protect love

Cherish family and safeguard your friends

Those are the only things that have true worth

You live and love, family been there for you since birth



We play games, crazy attempts to outdo each other
End of the day we cuddle and say we love each other

See, in you I see wife, mother, grandmother, my life partner
Yet you utter harmful words that penetrate my protective cover

For you I roll with the punches and take it as it comes
In 5 years I look back to 5 years and say “yo, I once loved”

See, I put it all on the line to see you laugh and smile
When it was all said and done it was your mission to see me cry

But yes I continue to believe in you and hope you will strive
You’re so brilliant from the inside out you always shine so bright

Enough with visions of 5 years I choose to live in right now
No more crazy games, no matter what it brings with you I’ll walk this line!

Olwam Magona