The Machine

You see, the machine is designed to go forward and not go back, one mistake and you will struggle to get your life on track!

You see, the currency and money makes it all so hard, used so much the numbers are faded on your debit card.

You pay and the ask “cheque or savings?”, we blow that money instead of us saving those cheques.

When the debt collector comes, and bet he will, you’re black listed instantly because you account has a minus sign. So you thought that you had it figured out when in reality you were just blind!

So this big machine will crush you, chew you up and spit you right out! When the repo man rolls around you wonder what that’s all about.

See some factors are way beyond our vision or control, can’t get credit anymore like a criminal that robbed and stole. So you work your fingers to the bone just to pay them back! Chances are, you will never get your life back on track.

Olwam Magona