19 years of age you gave birth to me
Premature 7 months into your pregnancy

I suppose it was up to God to decide
You told the world that “this child is mine”

So you put all that care & love in my name
From then on life would never be the same

So much courage and you were so young
A woman on a mission with a lions heart

Odds stacked against you and still you fight
Meanwhile teaching me what’s wrong & right

Oh what a great job that you did
Not once in my life have I served a prison bid

You set me straight from an early age
So I put this song on life’s eternal page

23 years later and you still got my back
I bow to my knees and thank the Lord for that!

Told me to be strong when we faced the hard times
Reaching breaking point somehow you still smiled

The road was hard and yet you tried
It broke my heart to see tears flow from your eyes

Feeling so helpless no clue what to do
So I hugged you till the pain was through

You are my strength and you are my rock
I’m so proud of you, you deserve the props

You did it on your own no man around
You’re the reason today I can stand my ground

You’re the reason today I write these songs
You never turned your back on me right or wrong

Mom I always love you no matter what
That’s unconditionally with all my heart

Your little boy is now a man
I appreciate all you’ve done I hope you understand.

Olwam Magona



Waking up every morning is like being reborn,
Smiling knowing that my heart belongs to a beautiful rose,
Even though she may have thorns in my eyes she’s like a new born,
Smooth all over and her scent is like fresh air to my nose.

A rose that will forever be intertwined with my heart,
A rose that through rough winds will never tilt or fall,
A rose that I will always protect and warm like suns heat,
A rose that despite my struggles grew through the wall.

A single smile from her makes me happy and peaceful,
A single whisper from her is heard like musical notes to my ears,
A single frown on her face and I’ll be there to catch her tear,
A single request from her and my mission in life is to fulfil.

What I’m saying is because of my rose daily my heart is reborn,
Because of my rose happiness has found me again,
Because of my rose I can say I have a lady,
Rose, my heart for yours and your heart for mine until our bones are all that remain.

Olwam Magona