26 Cents

No visions of a future, can’t see ahead

Twenty six more cents per litre, no money for bread

So we take from here and borrow from there

So much tension in this house, poppa losing his hair

Flash back to a time when it was all simple, so long ago

All these costs seem to affect you and me, you know the “average joe”

Yeah twenty six more cents per litre just to make a living

It costs more to eat than to buy a gun, that’s the world we’re living in!

So let us all wake up and go slave away, today!!

Lives being run by GM’s and C.E.O’s telling you to go or to stay

A puppet on a string or an actor on life’s big stage

Are we really in control of our days or is someone else writing this play?

Twenty six more cents per litre, my friend I tell you that we’re broke

Now I ponder, should I grab a pick n pay cola? I can’t even afford a coke

Yeah twenty six more cents a litre, the difference is becoming very clear

Lower and middle class on this side, the powerful elites over there

The cost of freedom increases every single day and week

They play golf and live in mansions while the prices continue to peek

Corporates lining their pockets by making it difficult to live

These chains of bondage making it difficult to even breathe

Metaphorical chains enslaving us as a people mentally

Distracting us with video games, tv and that little but popular BlackBerry

Twenty-six more cents per litre, all we can do is just fill up

Twenty-six more cents per litre, by end of the year we’ll all be bankrupt

Olwam Magona