To the president

Am I the only one who sees it?
Like having visions in my head while dreaming
More like nightmares that have come to bare
The voice of the people soon we will not hear

Am I the only one who feels this?
Like venom running through Africa’s veins
Taking notes from neighbours on how to remain
Plotting and scheming evading negative publicity
Plans made in the shadows like secret societies
Looking for your next free full meal, yeah
When times got real the scorpion was killed

Tarnishing that which Robert Sobukwe stood for
Rubbishing ideals Steve Biko was slain for
Erasing values that Oliver Tambo sacrificed for
No respect for time Nelson Mandela served
Belittling the struggle of Walter Sisulu

Those letters(ANC) Another National Conspiracy
Changing constitution, what gives you the right?
What would mama Adelaide think & say?
What would mama Albertina react to this?

I refuse to dance to your tune, move to your beat
For my President said “I am an African”
My freedom was fought for and I will enjoy it
So try as you will but Mzansi WILL resist!!

Olwam Magona