I miss the one that once was and still is

I miss the one that has left but is still here

I miss the one that made me frown but makes me smile

I miss the one that made it stop but also makes it go faster


It no longer makes sense because there’s no more sense

I try to be peaceful but find myself in conflict

I try to stop them from running but they still pour down

I try to take a step forward and my feet move ten back


Do not ask me why as I have no answers for it

Do not look for logic as it just might be lacking

Do not look for explanations as there may be none

Who on earth can ever know the secrets of the heart?


I do not understand because I am not the one that understood

I do not know because I am not the one that knew

All was understood and known by one and only one

But unfortunately that dreaded time has come


Come back to me so it can all make sense

Come back to me so I can truly be at peace

Come back to me so we can move forward

Come back to me so I can truly understand


Mistakes were made and now am wiser

Couldn’t see ahead but now I sit higher

Did not know nor understand but now,

I am the truly perfect and understanding person


Olwam Magona


My Love


You and I have been through a lot hey

You have helped me get through my toughest times

You have been there for me when I needed to write rhymes

You have been there for me when I needed to pass time


You have provided me with different words to escape to

When I was bored you provided entertainment too

When I needed to get a message across you provided the avenue

I am sure I would have gone crazy insane if it was not for you


It is on record that every time I needed you there was

No hesitation to be by my side and pick me up off the floor,

No hesitation to cheer me up and wipe my flowing tears,

No hesitation to say those words that rid me of all my fears


At the time that I need my shining star the most, it is gone

Took it for granted for too long, now I see where I went wrong

Loved me through all of my imperfections and flaws

Loved me through all my weak moments, loved me through it all


Nineteen years later and we are still going strong

Disagreements and disappointments have been around for too long

Hardships and rough times have also featured and done their part

But we remained close and did not let them tear us apart


Everyday I wake up I dedicate to making you proud

And I shall continue to do so until I am resting in the ground

I may not show it but my love for you sometimes overwhelms me

You are the queen of my heart, if only I could give you a crown.


I love you all so very much with every inch of my being

I want to sing your praises from the rooftops, but I cannot sing

I do not think you will ever truly know or comprehend

But I will continuously try to always show you exactly how.



 Olwam Magona

Do not fear me …

Do not fear me because I am not to be feared,

I may come violently but please do not be scared,

I may bring pain and suffering but that’s not who I am,

I am just merely a transporter of souls.


Often people try to run when I approach but cannot escape,

I come to them all men or woman I do not discriminate,

You can look into a crystal ball but you will not know when,

Believe me that it is me you’ll meet at the end.


They try to make all kinds of things to try and stop me,

But when the time is right I will be coming,

At times I may take one or I may take a hundred,

Trust that I am just here to escort you to your judgment.


I am here to release you from the pains of this world,

I am just only the doorman to another world,

I am that which is not to be feared even with last breaths,

I am what some may call DEATH 

3 Words

Promises made only to be broken
Loving hearts torn apart by words never spoken
They once meant nothing but now they are the world,
You would rather die and suffer than see them hurt,
We kept them to ourselves now they could be eternally lost,
The saddest part is that we never spoke what mattered most,
Plunged into oblivion lost in constant darkness
To the naked eye you would think we were heartless,
But this is how we do lack of emotions and thoughts,
Busy contemplating how our next battle will be fought,
We often say “I hate you” but never look at the opposite,
We live it everyday then we end up becoming it!

Growing up, who knew that three words could mean so much?
Growing up, who knew that 3 words could one day break hearts?
Who knew that even as adults we would still need to grow so?
Who knew that even in old age we would regret it so?

So I choose to say that I love you so!
I choose to embrace love and abandon war
I choose to let love shine the light for my life
I choose! Simple as that!

Olwam Magona