Things are fickle, things are weak

Things are like wooden floors that squeak & creek,

Things are built and things fall apart

Things should never be placed close to the heart

Things will be different because they change

Things will make people want to shift the blame

Things will make people throw dirt on your name

Things will bring pleasure hand in hand with pain

Things are crazy & things are insane

Things make you lie and play mind games

Things are perverted & things are sick

Things make you arrogant & act like a prick

Things will come but they will never stay

On your path to greatness things WILL get in the way

Things will always remain things no matter what

There will always be things wrong or right

Olwam Magona


The Reason

Oh yes the age old question, why are we here?
What is our purpose on this planet that they call earth?
Are we here to divide and conquer?
Loot and kill whilst premature infants struggle to survive?

40 plus billion in dollars spent on machines and devices that were built to bring death,
Yet when I bring up Somalia the mood changes and you refuse to share the wealth.

So to gain better understanding let us rephrase the question AND ask, why are YOU here?
What is your purpose for breathing daily?
Is your purpose to run the streets? Plant a seed in her fertile belly just to leave her and make a single mom to such a beautiful baby?

Oh I see the vision, the streets is your real family and prison living is the highest honour.
But I gotta know, what will be your legacy?
What will you be able to say you’ve left behind in your final hours?

So we go back to the same question, why are YOU here?
What is YOUR purpose in this world of more hate than love?
Are you just drifting along and hoping that on judgement day you’ll make it to the heavens above?

Now I am done asking the questions, I think it’s fitting for me to tell it how I see it.
From what I see most were somehow convinced that this is a battlefield!
Their life is all about the fights, yet our fights are all about our lives!
How we struggle to put bread on the table to feed the family, whilst they occupy and terrorise fighting the same systems they oppressed and held down now they call them their enemies!

Some are here to feed on the suffering,
Just to keep it going they manufacture events that you believe are life threatening

Every 4 years we stand in que’s just to “give” them back “power”
They say it’s never too late but I’m afraid it is!
You see we’re programmed to only change when the immediate danger is already here, no more do we think about future and outcomes, we’re just slaves to labour and incomes.

The trap was set and you’ve already been caught, so why are we here?


Olwam Magona


So what are your plans for me?
Are you going to beat me down and imprison me?
Will you send hyena’s and vultures to pick at me?
Will you send famine and disease to try and destroy me?

They say I paint such a bad image of you
I sit here and wish most knew the truth
That you feed us a dream of money and power,
Hiding the fact that we’ll never own what’s ours,
You make us push and pull in different directions,
Divide and conquer elevating the tension
We pointing fingers at each other passing blame,
So you think you’re safe because no one knows the game

Continuing the slave trade but now you call it “credit”,
You make it SO attractive that everybody wants a piece of it,
Now you own another life, just gotta figure out how to ruin it

Society, yeah I’ve figured you out, I just hope you get exposed so everybody can know what you’re about.

Olwam Magona

A Ramble

Sometimes I wish I was born to a world of brothers and sisters instead I was born into a world of coons and kaffirs, niggers and niglets. I was born into a world of “pimps” and “ho’s”, a world of separation and division, a world of arrogance and short tempers and no vision.

Sometimes I wish we hugged and kissed, said “I love you” and meant it, and lived in a world of total bliss. Heck, a world where what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine, but all we do is push and shove, cut and stab, shoot to kill, injure and maim, build high walls so it becomes safe to play,society corrupting you with moral decay, “FUCK You move out the way!” Is that anyway to speak to your brothers and sisters? The definition of “elders” now means “victim”, “easy target”, gotta be honest I despise S.O.C.I.E.T.Y.

Sometimes I wish, Yeah that’s all it is nothing but hopes and dreams and we all know how fickle and fragile those can be.
So everyday I wake up and I make a wish, maybe one day that wish will come true but until then I’ll live in a world of H.A.T.E.

Olwam Magona

My Mother

For years different men have abused you,
But you forgave no matter what you went through,
For years tears have streamed down your face and blood down your body,
But you still looked after everybody

For years you’ve seen other people’s suffering while ignoring your own,
You deserve to be treated with respect and that should be known,
For many years battles have been fought over and for you,
Now it’s a different kind of war as they sit there talking

For years you’ve watched as your children lost their way,
For years you stood there without a word to say,
They mutilated and tormented your body without thinking twice,
But you continued to support us with all your might.

I just want to say how much I love you,
I shall forever love and cherish you,
No matter what you’ll always be my mother,
I love you no matter what MY SOUTH AFRICA

Olwam Magona