From Afar

Who on earth would have thought or predicted
That we would find ourselves in such a position?
You, all the way there and I, all the way here
If thoughts brought about reality there would exist only magic between us, time and matter would only be in existence as definitions in the oxfords and Webster’s, they would have no effect on us!
Yet as I sit here watching from afar, admiring that which is true beauty, I can’t help but notice that I am running out of time and there is so much matter between you and I!

If dreams were gateways to what we saw in them you would smile when you saw me, I would frown when you had to leave me, you would think of me and miss me, I would pick up the phone just to say I thought of you!

Life has taught me that dreams are just dreams, not a gateway! When you see me I am just a part of the crowd, I frown because you do not know what I am about! Who knows if you even think of me at all? Honestly speaking you have no reason to.

So the decision has been made somehow I’m gonna get there,
I’m gonna claw and scratch somehow I will manage to reach her,
Hold her close, I will love her until the very end,
She will be my wife even though most say “Success is not a faithful girlfriend”

Olwam Magona


Dear Gov

Last time we spoke I was enclosed within three walls,
Ballot paper in my hand time to make my mark, deciding a “rise & fall”

Last time we spoke your mouth shot promises and stories of a better tomorrow,
Telling me what I want to hear, deceiving my ears just to influence who I follow

Last time we spoke you seemed like the better option for me and the people,
Yet all I see and hear is division this, division that, slowly we are being belittled

Last time we spoke you told me about your ideas and plans to stamp out corruption,
Tender living that 745 life, from what I see you don’t give a damn about us

Gov, why do you focus so much on trivial things and spend so much time focusing on an individual?
Gov, why does your leader refuse to take a stand and put his foot down?

Gov, daily we bleed and we cry, tears of sorrow for children lost to malnutrition, our hearts bleed for a family of ten that lives on the corner of “Government & will not help.”

Gov, next time you call me for a chat I’m staying at home, I just hope the rest of the people do too!!